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The process of installing and legalizing a photovoltaic system in Bulgaria is long and complicated. Here in SUNLIGHT we make it nice and easy as we take care for any single detail. Here is our 5-Step Process:

Consult Design Finance Install Monitor
Consult Design Finance Install Monitor
STEP 1: Preliminary Energy Audit and Consulting

To help you determine if solar power is the right investment for you we first evaluate your site's physical characteristics. If together we determine that a solar power system makes sense for your home, we will prepare a detailed proposal.

STEP 2: Design and Engineering

Our certified engineers will design a solar electric system customized to your exact needs. We will review your house plans, take precise measurements, and conduct a thorough site visit to determine solar system location and all other solar installation details.

STEP 3: Finance

With the Government guarantied prices and buy up guarantee for the entire generated power, the photovoltaic systems are an attractive investment. There is a plenty of offers from different investment institutions for financing such projects. Contact our consultant to learn more about the finance options and the subsidies in the industry.

STEP 4: Install and Connect

Once the design and purchasing arrangements of your solar power system have been completed, the actual installation is a straightforward procedure using well-established techniques.

STEP 5: Monitor and Maintainance

Our wireless-remote and internet-based monitoring solutions give you the satisfaction and confidence of seeing exactly how much electricity your solar system is producing, how much money you are earning, and more. One of the best things about a solar power system is that it has no moving parts and is therefore completely silent and virtually maintenance-free.

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