Riviera Invest Engineering

         Riviera Invest Engineering is a multinational construction company with lots of years of experience. Our team of highly qualified specialists always provides uncompromising quality at competitive prices. We offer a full range of design, consulting and construction services – in the scope of our activity are:

  • construction of houses, villas, residential buildings, swimming pools, Spa centers and sports grounds

  • construction of industrial, commercial and public buildings, reinforced structures resistant against  hurricane

  • construction of roads, parking lots, garages, retaining walls and facilities

  • construction of prefabricated and monolithic structures

  • dismantling, repairs, reconstruction and modernization of buildings and facilities

  • expert reports, opinions, non-destructive investigation, control, management and consulting

  • geodesy and vertical planning

  • BIM design and construction of separate structural elements and systems

  • complex design of buildings and facilities

  • BIM design and construction of electrical, plumbing, sewerage, heating, air conditioning and ventilation installations

  • the design, the production, the supply and the installation of metal structures , wood, reinforced concrete and composites

  • insurance of energy efficiency

  • the construction of anti-corrosion systems by cathodic protection

  • the construction of shelters and buildings against hurricanes

  • the trade of building materials

         The professional advice, the design and the implementation of our projects correspond directly to your specific needs. We apply innovative and high-tech solutions. We use certified products of proven quality. By enjoying a high degree of trust from all of you – our customers, we offer you the opportunity to realize your desires by investing a minimum of resources, time and effort.

For any questions and inquiries, please contact us.