Silvi Damianov
Silvi DamianovMaster Engineer - C.E.O.
Construction of buildings and facilities with specialization “Building Structures”
Dragomir Denkov
Dragomir DenkovArchitect HMONP
Konstantin Kazakov
Konstantin Kazakov Prof. Dr. Eng.
Construction Mechanics
Georgi Frangov
Georgi Frangov Prof. Dr. eng.
Hydrogeology and engineering geology
Anita Handruleva
Anita Handruleva Assoc. Prof. Eng.
Construction and architecture of buildings and facilities
Vladimir Matuski
Vladimir MatuskiAssoc. Prof. Eng.
Industrial and civil engineering with specialization “Constructions” and “Geodesy”
Valentin Dimitrov
Valentin Dimitrov Master Engineer
Transport Construction
Vassil Marvakov
Vassil MarvakovMaster Engineer
Telecommunication networks

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